no Singular

On completing 24 years in 2012, Quasar Dance Company continues its work, building new elements into its very peculiar and unique language. The Brazilian company’s new work – its 27rd – attempts to establish a dialogue about contemporary communication in a world that is ever faster and, perhaps, ever fragile. Human memory has been set aside in these times of virtual memories. Quick sketches are once again used in the work of choreographer Henrique Rodovalho. The audience is invited onto the stage. A musician is invited to take part in one of the scenes. On the stage, Cássio Brasil’s kaleidoscopic  Costume Design kicks in. The figures of 09 dancers emerge in this continuum. And despite being multiple on the web, each remains singular. Each still chooses who to follow and what to tweet.  And it is thus, In the Singular, that Quasar has come to share once again.

Premiére year: 2012
Duration: 70 minutes
Choreographer: Henrique Rodovalho
Cenography : Shell Jr. e Henrique Rodovalho
Costume Design: Cássio Brasil
Soundtrack: Yello, Eliza Dollite, Camille, Tricky, Gal Costa, Pogo, Sylvain Chauveau, Boozoo Bajou, Luciano Perrone, Kassin, Hendrik Lorenzen, Cassandra Wils, Coeur de Pirate, Matmos, Gal Costa, Céu e Bebel Roriz.
Photographers: Lu Barcelos e Rubens Cerqueira