My Body Doesn’t Tire From This

Sobre isto, meu corpo não cansa/My Body Doesn’t Tire From This

Love and its singularities make the stage once again with Quasar Dance Company. The voices of new – and feminine – Brazilian popular music sing songs seeking other tonalities  and visualities of the most versed theme by composers and poets. Awkward and crazy love. Sweet and romantic love. Passionate and overwhelming love. All about what our body never tires from.

Through movements, irreverence and speed contrast with subtlety and lightness, in an engaging dance, which searches in the eccentricity of characters in a world that was forcibly invented to cause encounters to happen. The whole plot revolves around love inspired by youth.

Revealing and mysterious, the set designsinfuse a blue, oneiric and concrete transparency on the stage that absorbs the curious looks on what is in those wings. The multicolor costumes express moods. And even in experimental voices we can glimpse love, with breathless dancers who throw themselves into scenes of a musical, accompanied by even more unexpected strings. The performance is made complete with this passionate cast, ready to use their best creative skills to involve their partner, the audience.

Premiere: 2014
Length: 80 minutes
Choreography by: Henrique Rodovalho
Set design by: Henrique Rodovalho
Costumes by: Ludmilla Castro
Photography: Layza Vasconcelos
Soundtrack: Eu me Lembro, Um Só, Talvez, Qualquer Negócio, Oitavo Andar, O que eu Bebi, Ô, Ana, Sambinha Bom, Cena, Olha só, Moreno, Cais, In the morning, Por que você faz assim comigo? Do Amor, Sushi, Cada Voz, Megalomania, Víbora, Só sei Dançar com Você, Billie Jean.




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19. Sobre isto, meu corpo não cansa 03 - POR LAYZA VASCONCELOS