7 Times

In this performance, the human body is the main theme, the driving force. Not the entire body, with its impressive structure and incredible evolution throughout time, but the body divided into 7 parts: the Eyes, Mouth, Arms, Heart, Entrails, Sex and Legs. These are the chosen parts. The tempting exercise of such division is to start from the possibility that each one of these parts, on their own, has the power to express, react to and most importantly address questions that are totally pertinent to the existence of the human body and the man. In view of this, each part of the human body represents a piece of choreography and a moment in the performance. Be it for its actual or imagined function, each cited part of the body is looked at in a particular way.  An interpretation is intended, but without pretenses of a redefinition.

This subject is addressed in a very specific way through movements, at times in a subtle and delicate manner, or sometimes in such an intense and fast manner that makes execution nearly impossible. The performance has a guiding thread which moves, provokes and consumes all that happens during the entire performance: Desire! A desire that expresses itself 7 times.”

Premiere: 2013
Length: 80 minutes
Choreography by: Henrique Rodovalho
Set design by: Shell Jr.
Costumes by: Cássio Brasil
Photography: Marcus Camargo
Soundtrack by: André Mehmari