The search for love and the human need  to capture it and perpetuate it is the theme addressed in Registro (Record).

Registro embodies the format of a photograph or video performance in a prepared and produced environment from the beginning to the end, providing references to space and time.

“… a theme that focuses on that fraction of time when someone poses for the camera. As people generally feel the need to perpetuate life’s best angle, they end up creating fake situations or behaviors when they’re being photographed or filmed. And it was from this fleeting moment, detached from reality, that the basic idea stemmed…”

Added to the scope of this theme are analogies of violence that floods the images recorded by the media.

With the usual vigor of the dance company that completely captures the audience’s attention, the choreography of Quasar’s Registro combines a collection of scenes that are generously sprinkled with humor and irreverence.


Premiere: 1997
Length: 60 minutes
Choreography by: Henrique Rodovalho
Set design by: Shell Jr.
Costumes by: Vera Bicalho, Shell Jr. & Kátia Jacarandá
Music by: Hendrik Lorenzen
Photography: Rosary Esteves, Mila Petrillo