O+ celebrates dance in order to reveal the desire, the human being´s essential wish to move and, maybe, dance.

This desire is exposed in a big circle of people: dancers of the company, guests and spectators. Some spectators are chosen among the audience and invited to watch the performance seated among the dancers on stage. It´s a celebration for everyone. Each one with your dance and art, leaving from its own individual movement to a meeting, a communion. The  scenario, the light and the costumes make the bodies identify with one another at this point of a totally free, open, authentic, beginningless and endless exposure. In this piece, the choreographer is also a director who promotes scenic organizations, but is open to the inevitable improvisation of the visceral relation with the music, the environment or from body to body.


Premiére year:2004
Choreographer: Henrique Rodovalho
Soundtrack: Hendrik Lorenzen
Cenography: Shell Jr
Costume Design: Ilza Maria
Photographer: Mila Petrillo