Three women on stage. While they try to preserve their individualities in their convival, they find themselves involved in different emotions. However, these feelings are reticent and they progress to suggestive acts which are capable of provoking doubts about the nature of relationships.

The audience is invited to take notice of the peculiarities of the female universe, watching the conflicts from an external spot, in a priviledged way. The piece becomes dense at the pace the dialogs among women alternates in different combinations, but the narrative remains open and offers multiple possibilities of interpretation until it finishes. If it´s not what it looks like, then what could it be?


Premiére year: 2000
Duration: 9 minutos
Choreographer: Henrique Rodovalho
Cenography: Shell Jr
Costume Design: Vera Bicalho
Photography: Duane Passos & Mauro Khoury
Soundtrack: Wim Mertenz & Les Tambours Du Bronx