The fragmented architecture of the contemporary world has inspired one of Quasar Dance Company’s most important pieces. Divíduo (Dividual) is a performance that marks the consolidation of an original, compatible and innovative body language that has been developed throughout years of work, and continues transforming and evolving.

A divided stage provides individual interactive environments where people create and re-create relationships with images, objects, and sounds. The performance suggests there is an involving dialog between that which is real and virtual on stage and requests the participation of external agents, be it through a radio program, the television, a telephone conversation with sex workers or the unexpected arrival of a pizza delivery guy.

Premiére year: 1998
Duration: 60”
Choreographer: Henrique Rodovalho
Cenography: Shell Jr
Costume Design: Kátia Jacarandá
Soundtrack: Hendrik Lorenzen
photographer: Mila Petrillo