Lend Me Your Eyes

The inevitable passing of time has inspired Henrique Rodovalho and Quasar Dance Company to create a conceptual and abstract performance that reflects upon man’s submission to physical and emotional losses.

The performance discusses how time interferes with life and how life interferes with time. In search of answers, Empresta-me Teus Olhos (Lend Me Your Eyes) explores parallel universes, brought to the stage through video, questioning social conventions established in the absence of human feelings and the hopes for the future of a community, in a town called Life.

Premiere: 2001
Length: 70 minutes
Choreography by: Henrique Rodovalho
Set design by: Shell Jr.
Costumes by: Shell Jr. & Ilza Maria Bicalho
Music by: Hendrik Lorenzen
Photography: Mila Petrillo & Adriana Rodrigues