So Close

The fascination for the understanding of relationships has caused one to reflect on the borderline territory between social interaction and intimacy with the people who surround us, whether we really know them or not.

At its core, Henrique Rodovalho’s work questions the distance that exists between people and how close one should get, thus opting for the breaking down of barriers. Egoism and altruism also come into play when the results of this act of coming closer can be just as good as they can be bad for others or ourselves. “In the creative process, I no longer had any interest in the most obvious relationships. What drove me was to think more about the mysteries and uncertainties”, says the choreographer.

Premiere: 2010
Length: 60 minutes
Choreography by: Henrique Rodovalho
Music by: Hendrik Lorenzen, Naná Vasconcelos, Céu, Matmos & Taylor Deupree
Set design by: Henrique Rodovalho
Costumes by: Cássio Brasil
Photography: Lu Barcelos – Chocolate Photography