Choreography for Listening

Based on the serial Street Sounds of TV Zero, Quasar preserves the musicality of the things, the people, the words and originates a choreography to be heard at the sound of Brazilian people. A meeting between regional cultures and the post-modern aesthetics of dance. A dialog between the northeastern popular music and the body expression of an urban man.

This piece is some kind of theme mark of the  cultural and social discussions brought up by Quasar in the last years. A propose that undergoes the comprehension of questions related to our people´s identity.

Choreography to be heard has been performed in over 10 countries.


Premiére Year: 1999

Duration: 55”

Choreographer: Henrique Rodovalho

Cenography: Shell Jr e Henrique Rodovalho

Costume Design: Shell Jr

Soundtrack: Programa Som da Rua – Tv Zero

Photography: Mila Petrillo